Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dr. Essam Hashish video translation

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Dr. Essam Hashish

arrested on the 4th, January 2007

Accused of heinous crimes

First charge

Distinguished at work

Documents proving this crime have been found.

A certificate of appreciation.. awarded by Cairo University.. 2004/2005

Awarded the title of the Perfect Professor by the Cairo University .. Faculty of Engineering

Acknowledgement by Cairo University .. Faculty of Engineering

For preparing a file about the Faculty to apply for the Islamic Development Bank award.. 2006

These documents were not enough

There were photos as well

Second charge is that he is loved by his students

And we will show you the evidence

The students demonstrated and went on strike for him!!!

Not only students but professors as well!!!

You are in our hearts Dr. Essam

O Essam O Man we are with you against tyranny.

Our professor.. we never forget you.. they have built a wall between you and us.

Our professor... they imprisoned your knowledge.. we'll sacrifice ourselves for you so don't you worry.

Come on students.. Be with us.. your vote against injustice is a matter of honesty.

O freedom.. where are you? The tyrant is free and the professor is imprisoned.

Scream and say no to the tyrant… even if we die for justice.

100 gates and 100 warden… a lie the fabricated .. Human Rights.

As for the third charge.. it is being well-mannered
He was my professor before I graduated. He had such a respectful personality and he was so much loved by his students and the other professors. He was so polite and religious. He was elected last year as the perfect professor at the Cairo University. Frankly, he was my role model. it is impossible that he would be arrested while thieves and those who accept bribery would be left free. As if his real crime is good manners in an age when manners no longer exist. I would just say God is my only support and He will avenge him.

He was proven guilty by the testimony of eye witnesses.

You can see in him an example of the understanding, religious scientist … who cares about his people and who clings to his religion wherever he goes… he excelled till he became a professor at the Faculty of Engineering and a supervisor and a professor for dozens of students.. the students loved him immensely… so it was normal to be elected as the best professor in the communication section at Cairo University… and it was normal to hold the title of the perfect professor for the year 2005.

Dr Essam, as far as I am concerned, and I study at the communication section, and he taught me right before he was arrested, is one of the best professors (if not the best) whether in relation to the book knowledge or in his dedication at wok. I say full-heartedly that he always supported us and I am stunned that such a person could be arrested.. May God set him free.

I am not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, nor do I belong to the communication section, yet I have been in situations with this man that made me love this man as a fellow Muslim as God has told us.

Accused of loving Islam.!!!

He loves God and his prophet.

And what is much more dangerous
Is that he wants to reform the country
He had a military trial


In a country that punishes those who obey God
And that honors those who disobey Him
Never ask why

God does not change people until they change themselves

May God set Dr Essam free
As well as all the honest prisoners
May God be our support

The poetry was said by the students during the demonstration
Directed by
Zainab Elsoly

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Professor Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama

Professor Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama
Minister of High Education and Scientific Research

I am sending to you this message regarding the measures taken concerning the Students Union Elections at Cairo University as it implied many violations and discreditable procedures on the time when every one was looking forward for free and honest elections in agreement with the political atmosphere spreading nowadays in Egypt and the whole world, as, it appeared these political changes which resulted in holding presidential elections with some transparency, besides, many of the aspects that accompanied the parliamentary elections have changed from what it used to be, yet, still it is not wholly clean. Moreover; in spite of receiving many repeated promises that the students elections will witness big cultural move, we all were over taken and even shocked from what happened starting from the students’ candidate procedures and ending with the announcement of the final lists; and the most outstanding of these discreditable procedures were:

1. The announcement for opening the door of candidacy took place at the end of the day exactly before the Al-Eid holiday (Tuesday 1/ 11) considering the candidacy to be at the first day soon after the holiday (Sunday 6/ 11) and lasting one day, so that, missing the chance for many students to go for candidacy.
2. The refusal of the Youth Sponsorship Employees to give the students running for candidacy any sealed receipt or one carrying the name of the University or even the Faculty informing them that these are the University rector deputy instructions to the Students Affairs, as he stated in response to whether these instructions are his that he aims not to enable the students to use the receipts in bringing any lawsuit against them.
3. The announcement of the students’ final lists did not take place until the end of Thursday 10/ 11 considering the beginning of the elections to be at Saturday 12/ 11 so that not giving the students any chance to contest any oppressing measures.
4. The majority of the students have been canceled except those belonging to the security or the Faculty Administration without any right, but in response to the security recommendations whose prints are still clear and unquestionable in directing many of the administrative decisions concerning the students’ activities inside the University and even the staff society board members and their assistant’s affairs.

Yet, what causes me much pain is that many of these decisions are imputed to you sir, when we all know quite well that this contrasts the Minister Personality whom we have known as a prominent member at the Engineering Syndicate Supreme Council, and, as a Chief of the Staff Society Members Club at Helwan University; sponsoring the Staff Society Members’ interests and seeking education reform.
All these matters are increasing fears and anxieties regarding the new proposed draft law, of which we are brought good tidings that it well include many disadvantages, which in turn will bring to the University more domination, oppression, and tyranny.

Sir Minister,
These going on violations and oppressing practices from the University Administration leads to many serious outcomes inside the University and of which some will negatively reflect on the society.

1. As, the increasing feeling of oppression of many of the students will affect their loyalty to this country.
2. And the feeling that this oppression is coming especially from the University leaders surely will distort the model which the students have towards their professors.
3. Moreover, the students feelings that there is no hope for them to obtain their own rights according to constitution and law will open the doors of thought deviation and will prepare the suitable atmosphere for the appearance of extremism and violence practices, and this will form time bombs which will afterwards inflict the society and the fruits we will reap will be pain and remorse, furthermore, we will be responsible of these outcomes in front of Allah and the history.

By sending this message I am only alarming against danger, so that we have to avoid Egypt these repercussions, besides, you Sir Minister will be asked before Allah Exalted be He on every negative matter resulting from a strict administrative decision or an oppressive administrative draft law, and may mercy be upon the prophet’s companion Omar Ibn- Elkhatab as he said “I swear by Allah that if a mule slipped in Iraq I would fear that Allah may ask me why haven’t you paved the way for it Omar”
Thus, am saying to you; do not kill the hope inside the people hearts, and pave the way for them to keep their love and loyalty to their home, yet, we are advising you because we do love goodness for you in this life and in the hereafter, the day whereon neither the wealth nor the sons will avail, but only will prosper who brings to Allah a sound heart.
May Allah guides you to what he loves and accepts,

Doctor/ Essam Abd-Elhaleem Hashish

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Dr/Essam Hashish C.V

Dr.Essam Abdel Haleem Hashish

The Scientific Status:

  • Professor in the Electronics and Communication Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University .
  • Head of Antennas and Wave Propagation Section in the Department.
  • Trustee of Electronics and Communication Department Council for more than 5 years.
  • Member of the Scientific Research Academy National Committee.
  • Head of the Micro-Waves Section, IEEE, (The International Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society.) Egypt .

Appreciation and Promotion:

  • Laureate of Cairo University Promotion Prize 2004.
  • Laureate of the Exemplary Professor Prize 2004, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University , 2005.
  • Laureate of various appreciation certificates from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University , during his teaching career.

Scientific Activities:

  • Supervised over 40 Masters and PhD theses.
  • Published more than 50 research papers in international magazines and conferences.
  • Contributed in the arbitration of several Masters and PhD theses in Egypt and abroad.
  • Contributed in the equivalence of many Masters and PhD theses through the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Carried out several engineering and research projects in the field of communication, satellite systems, bio-effects for radiation of electro-magnetic waves.

Public and Service Activities:

  • Participated in human rights field through opinion prisoners defence committees in Cairo University .
  • Member of the High Council of the Engineering Syndicate since 1995.
  • Previous member of the board of the Cairo University staff society.

List of Publications

  • Universities coordination Project No. FRCU842019May 1984- January 1988 titled "Electromagnetic Probing in Earth to Explore Metals and Underground Water".
  • Research project No. 49 (1997- 2002) through the National Academy of Science titled "Research in the Design of Communication Equipment with Emphasis on Satellite Systems, including Nile Sat”.
  • Research project on the Bio-Effects of Radiation of Mobile Phones.
  • Research project on the Design of Antennas for Satellites and Ground Stations for "Orbit" Satellites.