Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Dr/Essam Hashish C.V

Dr.Essam Abdel Haleem Hashish

The Scientific Status:

  • Professor in the Electronics and Communication Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University .
  • Head of Antennas and Wave Propagation Section in the Department.
  • Trustee of Electronics and Communication Department Council for more than 5 years.
  • Member of the Scientific Research Academy National Committee.
  • Head of the Micro-Waves Section, IEEE, (The International Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society.) Egypt .

Appreciation and Promotion:

  • Laureate of Cairo University Promotion Prize 2004.
  • Laureate of the Exemplary Professor Prize 2004, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University , 2005.
  • Laureate of various appreciation certificates from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University , during his teaching career.

Scientific Activities:

  • Supervised over 40 Masters and PhD theses.
  • Published more than 50 research papers in international magazines and conferences.
  • Contributed in the arbitration of several Masters and PhD theses in Egypt and abroad.
  • Contributed in the equivalence of many Masters and PhD theses through the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Carried out several engineering and research projects in the field of communication, satellite systems, bio-effects for radiation of electro-magnetic waves.

Public and Service Activities:

  • Participated in human rights field through opinion prisoners defence committees in Cairo University .
  • Member of the High Council of the Engineering Syndicate since 1995.
  • Previous member of the board of the Cairo University staff society.

List of Publications

  • Universities coordination Project No. FRCU842019May 1984- January 1988 titled "Electromagnetic Probing in Earth to Explore Metals and Underground Water".
  • Research project No. 49 (1997- 2002) through the National Academy of Science titled "Research in the Design of Communication Equipment with Emphasis on Satellite Systems, including Nile Sat”.
  • Research project on the Bio-Effects of Radiation of Mobile Phones.
  • Research project on the Design of Antennas for Satellites and Ground Stations for "Orbit" Satellites.